C.Scope CXL4 Cable Avoidance Tool


The CXL4 is a dual-frequency (33+131kHz) Cable Avoidance Tool. In-built Data Logging, Bluetooth™ connectivity and GPS tracking options. Designed for use with an SGA4 or SGV4 Signal Generator. Network Rail Approved.

The CXL4 is a dual-frequency (33+131kHz) Cable Avoidance Tool. In-built Data Logging, Bluetooth™ connectivity and GPS tracking options. Designed for use with an SGA4 or SGV4 Signal Generator. Network Rail Approved.

The CXL4 Cable Avoidance Tools from C.Scope represent a significant advance in cable detecting performance.

Three versions of the CXL4 are available; the standard CXL4, the CXL4-D which has full data logging capability, and the CXL4-DBG which has full data logging capability, Bluetooth™ connectivity and GPS.

**The C.Scope XL4 range is now fully approved by Network Rail for use on sites throughout the UK**

Innovative new features have been introduced and the popular existing modes of detection have been enhanced to allow the CXL4 Cable Avoidance Tool to successfully detect even the hardest to find pipes and cables. Particular attention has been paid to effect better working practices and to minimise the potential for human error to impact on operating performance.

The CXL4 Cable Avoidance Tool has improved performance across all modes of detection; Power, Radio, Generator and AllScan, whilst remaining easy to operate ensuring there is only a minimal need for training or retraining.

The simultaneous dual-frequency 33kHz and 131kHz signal output of the Signal Generators is ideal for maximising the number of buried services that can be energised and then detected, providing a significant improvement in the detection of the smaller diameter or poorly earthed cables.

Optimised Locator Sensitivity and Noise Rejection means that the CXL4 can deal with the highest levels of background interference found, allowing even the weakest of signals to be detected successfully.


AlarmZone™ alerts operators to the presence of particularly shallow pipes or cables with the exact trigger depth adjustable by the user to best suit local requirements.

The Dynamic SwingSensor which gently alerts the operator if the locator is being swung excessively, potentially compromising the accuracy of any locates.

PeakHold allows operators to quickly and confidently pinpoint the exact position of buried services

The CXL4-D and CXL4-DBG Cable Avoidance Tools have full data logging capability. A years worth of data can be stored, in normal usage, on both the Cable Avoidance Tool and the SGV4 Signal Generator.

This can be conveniently transferred at any time to supervisors for analysis via a USB cable to a PC (or wirelessly via Bluetooth™ from the DBG model only to a PC, tablet or smartphone).

C.SCOPE PC ‘TOOLKIT’ and ‘RELAY’ Smartphone App
The free-to-download C.Scope PC Toolkit and C.Scope Relay smartphone App analyses the stored data-logs into charts and graphs that illustrate all aspects of the use allowing training requirements to be quickly identified.

The CXL4-DBG with in-built GPS allows a record to be kept of exactly where the Locators have been used that can then be viewed in partnership with Google Earth™ or Google Maps™.

Twelve months of GPS data is stored, in normal usage. This can be conveniently transferred at any time via a USB cable to a PC or wirelessly via Bluetooth™ to a PC, tablet or smartphone to supervisors for analysis. The free-to-download C.Scope PC Toolkit and Relay smartphone App analyses the stored data.

Additionally, the Locators can be paired to third party GPS Survey equipment, via the Locators in-built Bluetooth™ facilitating ‘one pass’ underground utility surveys to be undertaken.

The CXL4 Cable Avoidance Tools do not require periodic recalibration. A fully Automatic Daily Self Test (ADST) tests and confirms that they are functioning at their optimum level each day.

The CXL4 Cable Avoidance Tools perform an Automatic Daily Self Test (ADST). The ADST checks the functionality of the locator including the receiving aerials each day when it is first switched on. The SGV4 Signal Generator also performs a comprehensive Automatic Daily Self Test (ADST).

At the start of each day of use, a positive Automatic Daily Self Test result gives confirmation to the operator that the kit is working at the optimum level.

The result of this test is recorded and stored on memory within the products in-built data files and can be downloaded onto a PC at any time within the following 12 months*.

These test results can be used to produce a Product Validation Certificate using the C.Scope PC Toolkit. In addition, any results of the Self Test that have been carried out in the last twelve months* are available. The PC Toolkit can also be used to view and print a copy of the original factory Calibration Certificate.

As a C.Scope authorised Service Centre, JB Sales are also able to provide Test and Calibration Certification should you require it to comply with client or internal requirements.  To book yours in just visit our Service page.

The CXL4 has a large, clear and easy to read backlit LCD mounted behind a protective polycarbonate lens. The display indicates detection mode, signal peak level, depth, signal strength and battery condition. It also displays the Automatic Daily Self Test results.

The speaker can be easily detached for use in noisy work environments.

The CXL4s twin wall construction is robust and durable. It also provides IP65 standard protection against dust and water ingress.

The CXL4 comes with a three year Warranty (conditions apply).


Power Mode

Radio Mode

Generator Mode:
Simultaneous 33+131kHz
33kHz signal detection for all purpose tracing and utility avoidance
+ 131kHz for optimum detection for short length, small diameter or unearthed cables

All Scan Mode

Overload Protection

Alarm ZoneTM

Peak Hold

Dynamic Swing Sensor

Automatic Daily Self Test

Data Logging of all Locator activity (option)

Data Transfer by USB. (BluetoothTM option)

In-Built GPS position logging (option)

Connectivity to Survey level GPS products (option)

High Resolution Backlit Liquid Crystal Display

No periodic Calibration required

Product Validation Certificate available

Network Rail Approved


In stock and available for fast delivery


C.Scope Logo Colour

Product name
CXL4 Cable Avoidance Tool

Part Nos.





On/Off Switch: Spring loaded trigger switch under handle

Function Select Switch (FOUR position): P. Power Mode; R. Radio Mode; G. Generator Mode; A. AllScan Mode

Sensitivity Control

Audio Indication
Removable and user replaceable loudspeaker module

Visual Indication
Multi-segment Liquid Crystal Display indicating:

Signal Strength

Mode selected


Battery Condition

Self Test Indicator

For CXL4-DBG only, GPS signal detected, Bluetooth™ activated

Data Logging
Internal capacity for storing over 12 months of data (in normal use) logged once per second. Data logged includes:



Sensitivity Level

Received Signal Level



Self Test Result

Swing Indicator

GPS position (CXL4-DBG only)

Bluetooth 2.1


Data Connector
Standard USB Mini B connector in battery compartment. USB 2.0 Compatible

Self Test
Automatic Daily Self Test

Swing Indicator
Audio beep to indicate incorrect use of the Locator

Generator Mode Frequencies
Simultaneous 131,072Hz and 32,768Hz

Case moulded from high impact plastic. Designed to withstand 1m (3’3”) drop onto a hard surface

Weight (including batteries)
2.65kg (5 lb 13 oz)

720mm x 280mm x 65mm (28.3” x 11” x 2.5”)


Locate Accuracy: better than 10% of depth

Depth Accuracy: ±5% @ 1m (3’3”)

Line Depth Measurement Range: 0.1m to 9.99m (4” to 32’)

Line Depth Resolution: 0.01m (0.4”)

Sonde Depth Measurement Range: 0.1m to 9.99m (4” to 32’) depending on Sonde type

Sonde Depth Resolution: 0.01m (0.4”)

Battery Type
Internal 8 x ‘AA’ (LR6) cells (either alkaline non-rechargeable or NiMH rechargeable)

Battery Life
40 hours intermittent use at 20ºC (68ºF) using alkaline cells

IP Rating

Network Rail Approved

Performance figures stated can be affected by site parameters such as ground conditions, temperature, and strong electromagnetic fields. Specification may be subject to change. All C.Scope Locators are in compliance with the essential requirements and other relevant provisions of Council Directive 2014/30/EU (EMC). Compliance has been demonstrated by testing representative samples to the relevant harmonised standards. All C.Scope Locators comply with the essential requirements and other provisions of Council Directive 2011/65/EU (RoHS).

 Performance Frequency Sensitivity
@ 1m depth
Detection Depth
Power 50-400Hz 5mA 3m
Radio 10kHz-30kHz 25µA 2m
Generator 33+131kHz 5µA 5m
AllScan 50Hz-33kHz 100µA 3m
Sonde 33kHz 7m
Rodding Oscillator 33kHz 4.5m
Traceable Rodder – Line 33kHz 3m
Traceable Rodder – Tip/ Sonde 33kHz 4m



Acquisition Time – Cold Start 30s
Acquisition Time – Hot Start 1s
No. of Channels 56
Supported Systems  GPS, SBAS, QZSS, Galileo, GLONASS



Version v2.1
Supported Systems Android, PC
Range 30m
Transfer Rate 350kbps


No Periodic Calibration. The CXL4 Cable Avoidance Tools do not require periodic recalibration. The CXL4-D and CXL4-DBG Product Validation Certificate can be printed using the PC Toolkit. C.Scope authorised Service Centres are also able to provide third-party Test and Calibration Certification should you require it to comply with client or internal regulations.

** Three Year warranty. Conditions apply.

*** Batteries. The CXL4 Cable Avoidance Tools use 8 x AA LR6 Alkaline or NiMH Rechargeable batteries sealed in a secure, fitted battery compartment. The battery pack will typically provide approximately 40 hours of service depending on use. The battery compartment also houses a spare battery holder.

Download C.Scope CXL4 Cable Locator Brochure
Download C.Scope CXL4 Cable Locator User Manual
Download C.Scope PC Toolkit and Relay App
Locator Features CXL4 CXL4-D CXL4-DBG
Power Mode
Radio Mode
Generator / Transmitter Mode
 – 33+131kHz
 – 131kHz
 – 33kHz
 – 8Hz
 – 512Hz
 – 640Hz
AllScan Mode
Accurate Depth Indication
Signal Current Measurement
Overload Protection
AlarmZone™  •
Peak Hold
Dynamic Swing Sensor
Automatic Daily Self Test
Product Validation Certificate
Data Logging
Data Logging Rate – once per second
2GB Memory
Data Transfer via USB
Data Transfer via Bluetooth™
External Survey Level GPS via Bluetooth™
In-Built GPS position logging
High Resolution Backlit Liquid Crystal Display
No Periodic Calibration*
Three Year Warranty**
Batteries*** 8 x AA (LR6) Alkaline or NiMH Rechargeable