Network Rail Approved

Network Rail Approved

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Network Rail Approved

C.Scope’s recently launched CXL4 and DXL4 Cable Avoidance Tools, SGV4 Signal Generator, MXL4 Pipe & Cable Locator and MXT4 Transmitter have all gained full product acceptance from Network Rail. This Network Rail Approval authorises the use of these products on railway infrastructure for which Network Rail is the Infrastructure Manager under the ROGS regulations.

Construction or maintenance work on the UK rail infrastructure is highly safety-critical, therefore Network Rail are very careful to ensure that only products that have undergone, and passed, their own very thorough performance and safety tests are approved for use on their sites.

All of these new products (as listed below) can now be used in and around the UK’s rail infrastructure in line with Network Rail’s Certificate of Acceptance.

This approval allows Network Rail staff, agents and contractors working on Network Rail land to use the latest C.Scope products to detect buried pipes and cables quickly, effectively and safely.

Network Rail’s Certificate of Acceptance PA05/00502 can be downloaded from or by clicking the link below this article.

For more information please call us on 01233 629181 or email at

The following new products have gained Network Rail Approval as outlined in Network Rail’s Certificate of Acceptance PA05/00502:

CXL4 Cable Avoidance Tool
CXL4-D Cable Avoidance Tool
CXL4-DBG Cable Avoidance Tool
DXL4-D Cable Avoidance Tool
DXL4-DBG Cable Avoidance Tool
SGV4-D Signal Generator
MXL4-D Cable Locator
MXL4-DBG Cable Locator
MXT4-D Transmitter

Network Rail Certificate of Acceptance


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