5m Aluminium Engineers Staff

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Accurate Measurements are Consistently Accomplished Efficiently

Features a standard ‘E’ pattern

Graduations are in centimeters on the front and numbered every 10 cm

Height scale is in millimeters on the back

Rods come with a level vial and a case

Lightweight aluminum sections are in contrasting white, red and black colors and have round spring-loaded locking buttons

Length 5 m

Weighs 3.50 lb (1.60 kg)

Graduations in cm/mm

Features & Benefits
`The ‘E’ pattern Builder’s Rod has a popular worldwide graduation pattern
`Double graduations makes these rods useful for elevation and height measurements
`Graduations are in centimeters on the front and numbered every 10 cm
`Height scale is in millimeters on the back
`Rods come with a level vial and a case
`The lightweight aluminum sections are in contrasting white, red and black colors and have round spring loaded locking buttons

Site work
Slab work


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Length: 5 m

Weight: 3.50 lb (1.60 kg)

Graduation:  cm/mm