Surveyors Aluminium Tripod

Surveyors Aluminium Tripod

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These tripods accommodate 5/8 x 11 instruments and are designed for all types of jobs

The Light Weight Features a Quick Clamp Lock, the Heavy Weight has a Screw Clamp Lock, both have a Triangle/Flat head

Tripod Head Size:  Light Weight is 12cm and Heavy Weight is 13.6cm ±2mm from flat side to opposite corner

The telescopic Aluminum (Round) legs allow for setup to extend to 63.5 in (1.60 m) for the light weight option or 65 in (1.70 m) for the heavy weight

The light weight Weighs 7.45 lb (3.38 kg), and the heavy weight weighs 9.35 lb (4.63 kg)

Ideal for mounting theodolites, lasers, auto levels, or total stations

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