C.Scope MXT Signal Transmitter

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The C.Scope MXT4 is a digital One Watt multi-frequency Transmitter with in-built Data Logging. Designed for use with a MXL4 Precision Pipe & Cable Locator. Network Rail Approved.

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The C.Scope MXT4 is a digital One Watt multi-frequency Transmitter with in-built Data Logging.
Designed for use with a MXL4 Precision Pipe & Cable Locator. Network Rail Approved.

The C.Scope MXT4 Transmitter is designed for use alongside an MXL4 Locator. It enables a far more flexible approach to pipe and cable location enabling the operator to accurately detect, pinpoint, trace and identify the widest range of pipes and cables.

The MXT4 Transmitter now has a greater range of transmitting frequencies allowing improved long distance tracing and utility identification, even on the most congested of sites. A range of frequencies from 512/640Hz up to 131kHz and including the simultaneous dual-frequency 33kHz and 131kHz signal output is ideal for maximising the number of buried services that can be energised and then detected. The MXL4 can apply these frequency signals without direct connection to buried services, using either a Signal Clamp or the simple induction method from ground level, providing a significant improvement in the detection of the smaller diameter or poorly earthed cables.

The MXT4 offers three alternative ways to apply a Signal Generator signal:

Direct Connection allows specific pipes or cables to be individually traced, identified and their depths measured. The use of Signal Clamps, Signal Injectors and Direct Connection leads make this mode the most effective method for pinpointing pipes and cables.

If it is difficult or inconvenient to use Direct Connection, then the Wraparound technique can be utilised to successfully energise a street or car park lighting cable.

Induction allows the Signal Generator to induce a detectable and traceable signal to previously unknown, undetected or inaccessible underground metal pipes or cables.

The MXT4’s fully adjustable One Watt Power Output means that deeper pipes and cables can be effectively energised and then traced over ever longer distances.

It also features a FOUR position power level adjustment so the operator has total control of how much power is in use and when.

A Pulsed or Continuous signal output allows operators to switch to the Pulsed Mode at the push of a button in high interference situations and keep on tracing. The MXT4 has a clear audible signal output to indicate when it is in operation.

A useful in-built audio mute control is also included.

To compliment and support in-built data logging on the MXL4 Locator, the MXT4 Transmitter also has full data logging capability. A years worth of data can be stored, in normal usage, on both the Locator and Transmitter. This can be conveniently transferred at any time via a USB cable to a PC for analysis.

The MXT4 Transmitters do not require periodic recalibration. A fully Automatic Daily Self Test (ADST) tests and confirms that they are functioning at their optimum level each day.

The MXT4 Transmitters perform a comprehensive Automatic Daily Self Test (ADST).

At the start of each day of use, a positive Automatic Daily Self Test result gives confirmation to the operator that the kit is working at the optimum level.

The result of this test is recorded and stored on memory within the products in-built data files and can be downloaded onto a PC at any time within the following 12 months*.

These test results can be used to produce a Product Validation Certificate using the C.Scope PC Toolkit. In addition, any results of the Self Test that have been carried out in the last twelve months* are available. The PC Toolkit can also be used to view and print a copy of the original factory Calibration Certificate.

As a C.Scope authorised Service Centre, JB Sales are also able to provide third-party Test and Calibration Certification should you require it to comply with client or internal requirements.  To book yours please visit our Service page.

The MXT4 has a large, clear and easy to read backlit LCD mounted behind a protective polycarbonate lens. The display indicates frequency and functions selected, power level, connection quality and battery condition. It also displays the Automatic Daily Self Test results.

The MXT4s twin wall construction is robust and durable. It also provides IP65 standard protection against dust and water ingress.

The MXT4 Transmitter has a large detachable accessory tray as its base. It can house not only the standard accessories (Direct Connection Leads, Earth Stake, Connection Magnets, 10m Auxiliary Earth Lead) and the Instruction Manual but also many of the optional extras such as Signal ClampsSondes and Signal Injectors.

The MXT4 comes with a three year Warranty (conditions apply).


One Watt 4-level adjustable Power Output

Six Signal Outputs:
Simultaneous 33+131kHz
512Hz Signal
640Hz Signal
8kHz Signal
33kHz Signal

Pulsed or Continuous Output Signal

Three Signal Application Techniques:
Direct Connection / Wraparound / Induction

Automatic Daily Self Test

Data Logging of all Transmitter activity

Data Transfer by USB

High resolution Liquid Crystal Display

No periodic Calibration required

Product Validation Certificate available

In-built Accessory Tray

Network Rail Approved


C.Scope Logo Colour

Product name
MXT4 Transmitter

Part No.

All operation is by push button control as follows:


Power Level: Cycles through four available power levels

Frequency: cycles through six available output frequencies

Pulse/Continuous Output: toggles between pulse or continuous output using one push button

Audio Output: toggles between loud, muted and silent audio output using one push button

Audio Indications

Audio Feedback on button push

Audio pitch drops with increasing load current in Connected Mode

Audio pitch changes with power level in Induced Mode

Audio output pulses to indicate Pulsed Mode

Low battery indicated by interrupted Audio and output signal

Visual Indication
Multi-segment Liquid Crystal Display indicating:

Output Frequency

Pulse Mode

Continuous Mode

Battery Condition

Output Level (bargraph)

Speaker Mute

Self Test Result

Data Connector
Standard USB Mini B connector. USB 2.0 Compatible

Self Test
Automatic Daily Self Test and manual Self Test function


Induced = 131,072Hz and 32,768Hz; 131,072Hz, 32,768Hz and 8,192Hz

Connected = 131,072Hz and 32,768Hz; 131,072Hz, 32,768Hz; 8,192Hz; 640 and 512Hz

Carrier Pulse Frequency: 7.5Hz (pulsed mode)

Connected Mode

Connection Mode automatically selected when lead is plugged into socket

Maximum Output Voltage (open circuit): 30V rms

Maximum Output Current (short circuit): 65mA rms

Maximum Power: 1W into 400Ω load


Case moulded from high impact plastic.

Designed to withstand 1m (3’3”) drop onto a hard surface

Incorporates clip on accessory storage compartment

Weight (including batteries, Connection Leads and Earth Stake)
3.4kg (7 lb 7 oz)

Dimensions (with Accessory Tray fitted)
360mm x 180mm x 230mm (14.1” x 7” x 9”)

Battery Type
Internal 4 x ‘D’ (LR20) cells (either alkaline non-rechargeable or NiMH rechargeable)

Battery Life
up to 40 hours intermittent use at 20ºC (68ºF) using alkaline cells

IP Rating

Network Rail Approved

Performance figures stated can be affected by site parameters such as ground conditions, temperature, and strong electromagnetic fields. Specification may be subject to change. All C.Scope Transmitters are in compliance with the essential requirements and other relevant provisions of Council Directive 2014/53/EU (EMC). Compliance has been demonstrated by testing representative samples to the harmonised standards EN300-330 and EN301-489. The essential radio test suites have been carried out and the equipment is in conformity with all applicable directives. All C.Scope Transmitters comply with the essential requirements and other provisions of Council Directive 2011/65/EU (RoHS).

No Periodic Calibration. The MXT4 does not require periodic recalibration. A Product Validation Certificate can be printed using the PC Toolkit. C.Scope authorised Service Centres are also able to provide third-party Test and Calibration Certification should you require it to comply with client or internal regulations.

** Three Year warranty. Conditions apply.

*** Batteries. 4 x D LR20 Alkaline or NiMH Rechargeable batteries housed in a secure battery compartment.

**** In-Built Accessory Tray includes Direct Connection Lead, Auxiliary 10m Earth Lead, Connection Magnets, Earth Stake and Instruction Manual.

Download C.Scope MXL4 Multi Frequency Locator Brochure
Download C.Scope MXL4 Multi Frequency Locator User Manual
Download C.Scope PC Toolkit and Relay App
One Watt Power
Power Levels 2 4 4
Generator / Transmitter Frequencies
– 33+131kHz Connected at 33+131kHz
Induced at 33kHz only
Connected and Induced Connected and Induced
– 131kHz Connected and Induced
– 33kHz Connected and Induced
– 8kHz Connected and Induced
– 512kHz Connected
– 640kHz Connected
Pulsed / Continuous Output Signal
Signal Connection Modes
– Direct Connection
– Wraparound
– Induction
Automatic Daily Self Test
Data Logging
Data Transfer via USB
High Resolution Backlit Liquid Crystal Display
No Periodic Calibration1
Three Year Warranty2
Batteries3 4 x D (LR20)
Alkaline or NiMH Rechargeable
In-Build Accessory Tray4
Network Rail Approved