iDig Connect 3D System

iDig Connect 3D System

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The new iDig 3D is a simple and user-friendly tool that is designed with the operator in mind!

Since 2007, iDig has been improving the daily lives of thousands of excavator operators on all continents. With the iDig 3D, upload your project to the iDig control box in your cab or create small projects with your GNSS on a rod or with your bucket and let it guide you from your cab.

The 3D guidance system allows you to have your site project with all its dimensions in your cabin. Using the GNSS installed on your excavator you will see the dimension to be reached at the tip of your bucket.

Solar powered cablefree angle sensors with Gyro IMU

Transmission via Bluetooth 5 (100Hz)

Ideal for roads, platforms, large projects

A single removable and versatile GNSS for surveying and layout as well as for guiding your excavator

FULL 3D rendering: 3D navigation and cross-sectional and perspective views

Automatic zoom

With the iDig 3D, you can create small projects with your GNSS or enter more sophisticated projects created by a surveyor or a project manager.