Nedo Machine Control Tripod

Nedo Machine Control Tripod

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The sturdy design of the Jumbo tripod allows vibration-free use of the machine control laser, even in windy conditions. The large working height ensures that the laser beam does not lie in the shadow of construction vehicles or other obstacles. The reeinforced gear unit guarantees even when continuously used extra durability and less wear and tear. The indirect gear unit can easily move lasers to the required working height, even if they are heavy.
The Nedo Jumbo Tripod: the elevating tripod for heavy-duty machine control lasers.


Indirect gear

Reinforced telescopes

Additional leg struts

Twist proof elevating column with centric clamp

Circular bubble

Quick clamp

Slip guard

mm graduation on telescopic tube

Extra large tripod head made of aluminium


Technical specifications:

Min. effective height approx. 1.73 m

Max. effective height approx. 4.01 m

Retracted length approx. 1.94 m

Holding screw: 5/8’’ thread

Weight approx. 17.2 kg

Tripod plate, Ø 167 mm

Adjust. column range 908 mm