Sokkia DT Series Theodolite

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Digital models to fit every need

The Sokkia DTx40 series features four different models with four accuracy ratings. The four standard models include angle accuracies of 2, 5, 7 or 9 arc seconds.

All models feature Sokkia’s advanced absolute encoder systems, superior optics, and field-proven automatic compensators. They also boast the industry’s highest IP66 ratings for water and dust protection. Reliable, easy-to-use, jobsite tough—choose a DTx40 series digital theodolite for maximum productivity.

Key DTx40 features include:

Unsurpassed 2.5” telescope resolving power
Absolute encoders for maximum angle precision
Industry’s highest water and dust protection—IP66


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DT240 DT540 DT740 DT940

Length: 149mm (5.9in.) 152mm (6.0in.)
Objective aperture: DT240 DT540 DT740 45mm (1.8in.); DT940 40mm (1.6in.)
Magnification: DT240 DT540 DT740 30x; DT940 26x
Resolving power: DT240 DT540 DT740 2.5”; DT940 3”
Image / Field of view: Erect / 1°30’ (26m/1,000m)
Minimum focus: 0.9m (3.0ft.)
Stadia:  Multiplication constant: 100, Additive constant: 0
Reticle illumination: DT240 DT540 DT740 Y; DT940 –

Angle measurement
Method: Absolute rotary encoder scanning
Detecting Horizontal: DT240 DT540 DT740 Diametrical: DT940 Single
Vertical: DT240 Diametrical; DT540 DT740 DT940 Single
Display resolutions: DT240 DT540 1” / 5” 0.2 / 1mgon; DT740 5” / 10” 1 / 2mgon; DT940 10” / 20” 2 / 5mgon
Accuracy: DT240 2”; DT540 5”; DT740 7”; DT940 9”
Circle diameter: 71mm (2.8in.)
Automatic compensation range: DT240 DT540 ±3’(±55mgon); DT740 DT940 –

Control panel layout: DT240 DT540 DT740 On both faces; DT940 On single face
Display: LCD, 7 digits x 2 lines, backlight
Interface: DT240 DT540 RS-232C; DT740 DT940  –
Optical plummet:  Magnification: 3x, Field of view: 3°, Minimum focus: 0.5m (1.64ft.)
Sensitivity of levels: Plate level DT240 30”/2mm; DT540 DT740 40”/2mm; DT940 60”/2mm
Circular level: 10’/2mm
Tribrach: DT240 DT540 DT740 Detachable; DT940 Fixed
Operating temperature: -20 to +50°C (-4 to+122°F)
Dust and Water Protection: IP66 (IEC 60529:2001)
Size (w/handle): DT240 DT540 DT740 W188 x D149 x H313mm (W7.4 x D5.9 x H12.3in.); DT940 W188 x D149 x H305mm (W7.4 x D5.9 x H12.0in.)
Weight (w/batteries): DT240 DT540 DT740 4.1kg (9.0 lb.); DT940 3.5kg (7.7 lb.)

Power supply
Battery: LR6/AA batteries x 4
Operating time*: DT240 Approx.100 hrs; DT540 Approx.140 hrs; DT540 Approx.150 hrs;  DT940 Approx.170 hrs
* With alkaline batteries at 20°C (68°F)

Download Sokkia DT Series Theodolite Brochure