Spectra HL450 Laser Receiver

Spectra HL450 Laser Receiver

£180.60 exc. VAT

(Price including VAT: £216.72)

JB Sales Limited - Authorised Spectra Dealer


Affordable digital readout receiver with great performance

Digital Read-out - With the digital readout models which have the prefix HL, you do not even need to get the receiver to the on-grade position because it displays how far from on-grade you are - allowing you to work faster and more accurately. You can quickly estimate how much material you need to cut or fill.

Anti-strobe Sensor - The patented anti-strobe filter eliminates false readings from LED lights that are commonly found on the job site such as vehicle hazard warning strobe lights.

Longer Operating Time - Forget to turn the receiver off when you have finished working? No problem. The automatic shut-off will take care of switching the unit off after a period of inactivity.

The CAPTURE function can take grade readings remotely in situations in which the receiver is out of-reach. For example, when in a deep trench, you can press the capture button, the receiver will “capture” and save the reading.

Supplied with C45 receiver bracket.