Topcon Hybrid Positioning System

Topcon Hybrid Positioning System

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Rapid production with the ultimate technology fusion


Hybrid Positioning™ systems perform faster in the field than stand-alone robotic systems, with more versatility than RTK-only solutions. A true upgrade, our Hybrid Positioning technology combines GNSS positioning and optical robotic measurements, on one rover pole.

Faster field work than stand-alone robotic/GNSS solutions

Combination of fully robotic system with lightweight GNSS receiver

Hybrid Lock for rapid prism acquisition in dense areas

Hybrid Switch with single screen tap to bounce between optical and GNSS measurements

Hybrid Resection to start production at locations that are safe and convenient

Compatible with all Topcon robotic total station systems


Project sites can be full of surprises, so why not let our Hybrid Positioning system remove the guesswork? A lightweight GNSS receiver on the prism helps instruments reacquire in challenging conditions. Setups are a snap — you can select safe, convenient locations and define the unknown point of your instrument from GNSS measurements. For maximum efficiency, pair our Hybrid Positioning technology with MAGNET Field data collection software.


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