Topcon LN-100 3D Layout Navigator

Topcon LN-100 3D Layout Navigator

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By blending our self-leveling laser and robotic total station technologies, Topcon created a new way to perform construction and BIM layout. Simply position and turn on the layout navigator to self-level and connect, automatically. Control the LN-100 with either the full-capability MAGNET Field data collection software, or with MAGNET Construct, the no-cost Android app.

Single-operator solution for precise 3D layout

Easy one-button self-leveling setup

Wireless license free communication

Out of the box usage with no-cost MAGNET Construct app on any Android device


Leveraging over 80 years of innovation in optical technology, the LN-100 layout navigator from Topcon was engineered for your specific requirements. A glass prism on a lightweight pole combines with a thin touchscreen tablet so you can focus on the next step ahead. The layout navigator automatically remains locked firmly on the prism, for real-time positioning on the go. Built to perform on any project that demands confident, precise 3D positioning at up to a 100m working radius, the LN-100 is a user-friendly, out of the box solution.

One-touch ease-of-use layout tool

Innovative, compact design is a user-friendly solution for layout and navigation on any project site.