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Topcon DL-500 Series Electronic Digital Level b
Topcon DL Series Digital Level

Unparalleled automated accuracy.  Say goodbye to error-prone and laborious manual readings with the Topcon DL-500’s “Wave-and-Read” technology.

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Topcon AT-B3 Automatic Level a
Topcon AT-B Series Automatic Level

Durable, dependable and precise auto-levels. If you can go and get the job done, so can the AT-B … anywhere, anytime.

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Spectra Precision AL28 Automatic Level b
Spectra Precision AL Series Auto Level

The AL series automatic levels are designed for a variety of elevation control and alignment tasks including general building construction, cut and fill measurements, area leveling, and landscaping.

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Nedo F24 Automatic Level
Nedo F24 Automatic Level

In Stock – Delivery usually within 48 hours

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