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Topcon Wooden Tripod b
Topcon Wooden Tripod

Suitable for robotic total stations, total station, digital levels, theodolites, rotating lasers and dual grade lasers.  

£193.00 exc. VAT (From £231.60 inc VAT)
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Heavy Duty Wooden Tripod
Wooden Tripod

In Stock – Delivery usually within 48 hours

£110.00 exc. VAT (From £132.00 inc VAT)
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Light Weight Aluminium Tripod - Black and Silver - Seco
Surveyors Aluminium Tripod

These tripods accommodate 5/8 x 11 instruments and are designed for all types of jobs The Light Weight Features a Quick Clamp Lock, the Heavy Weight has a Screw Clamp Lock, both have a Triangle/Flat head Tripod Head Size:  Light … Read More

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5m Aluminium Telescopic Staff - Seco
5m Aluminium Engineers Staff

Accurate Measurements are Consistently Accomplished Efficiently

£30.00 exc. VAT (From £36.00 inc VAT)
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