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Topcon HiPer VR GNSS Receiver c
Topcon HiPer VR GNSS Package

High Tech, Versatile GNSS receiver

Prices start from £12,955.00 exc. VAT (From £15,546.00 inc VAT)
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Topcon HiPer SR GPS Receiver d
Topcon HiPer SR GPS Package

Advanced, ultra-compact and productive

From decades of Topcon GNSS evolution, the HiPer SR is simplifed for all the right reasons.

Prices start from £9,750.00 exc. VAT (From £11,700.00 inc VAT)
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Sokkia GCX3 GPS Receiver b
Sokkia GCX3 Receiver

Pint-sized powerhouse We’ve taken our already revolutionary GCX2 and delivered even more flexibility and functionality to meet the needs of your customers. Improvements include the addition of BeiDou and Galileo tracking capability, longer range base-to-rover communication, and never-seen-before performance in … Read More

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Topcon FC-5000 Field Controller d
Topcon FC-5000 Field Controller

Ready for Outside, Powered from Within

Office processing power in the compact form of a hand-held field computer.

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Sokkia SHC5000 Field Controller a
Sokkia SHC-5000 Field Controller

The Sokkia SHC5000 field computer is ideal for the land surveying and mapping professional operating GeoPro Office and GeoPro Field platforms. The compact and rugged hand-held device offers a crisp display even in bright sunlight conditions. An optional 4G LTE … Read More

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Topcon FC-500 Field Controller c
Topcon FC-500 Field Controller

Crystal Clear Persuasion

A hand-held device with maximum processing power.

£2,178.00 exc. VAT (From £2,613.60 inc VAT)
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Topcon T-18 Field Controller
Topcon T-18 Field Controller

Mobility, Redefined

Rugged, powerful, connected and compact, with a bright display even in daylight.

£945.00 exc. VAT (From £1,134.00 inc VAT)
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Topcon FC-5000 Keyboard
Topcon Sokkia 5000 Keyboard

External Keyboard – Optional FC-5000/SHC-5000 Accessory The new keyboard is designed for on-the-fly installation and quickly snaps onto the FC-5000 and SHC-5000, no tools required. This keyboard is compatible with all previously purchased FC-5000s and SHC-5000s. It features tactile feedback, … Read More

£570.00 exc. VAT (From £684.00 inc VAT)
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Topcon FC-5000 Field Controller e
Topcon Sokkia 5000 Ram Mount

Topcon and Sokkia Ram Clip Pole Mount for the Topcon FC-5000 and Sokkia SHC-5000 Field controller. If you require a mount or pole bracket for a different make or model please get in touch.  

£288.00 exc. VAT (From £345.60 inc VAT)
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Topcon GT SR Hybrid Positioning System
Topcon Hybrid Positioning System
A robotic total station with a lightweight GNSS reciever
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Topcon HiPer HR GNSS Receiver f
Topcon HiPer HR GNSS Package

Multi-Purpose GNSS Receiver

Compact, rugged and advanced, the Hiper HR is the right receiver for a broad range of applications.

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