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Radiodetection’s PCMx: faster pipeline surveys with simultaneous data gathering

Radiodetection’s new Pipeline Current Mapping system measures and records current attenuation and voltage gradient data simultaneously alongside depth of cover and GPS positional data to make pipeline surveys faster. Early detection of coating defects on pipelines prevents corrosion damage, saving costs on pipeline repairs and replacement. In 1997 Radiodetection, working with industry partners, invented the…
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SuperCAT4+: New utility-specific range of locators

SuperCAT4+: New utility-specific range of locators 3 October 2017 Specialised locating in a familiar C.A.T format Radiodetection is pleased to announce the availability of SuperCAT4+, a range of locators and transmitters designed to find specific utilities, based on the familiar C.A.T design. Underground utility infrastructures are becoming more dense and complex, making locating and tracing…
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