C.Scope DXL3 Cable Avoidance Tool

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The DXL3 is a robust and affordable analogue industry standard ‘pick-up-and-go’ Cable Avoidance Tool with depth measurement used to detect pipes and cables prior to excavations. Designed for use with an SGA3 Signal Generator.

The C.Scope DXL3 depth measuring Cable Avoidance Tool is a robust and affordable industry standard locator used to detect buried pipes and cables prior to excavation.

Hitting and damaging buried services when excavating is costly and potentially very dangerous. The C.Scope Cable Avoidance Tool is the ideal ‘pick-up-and-go tool to locate buried pipes and cables, quickly and reliably, time after time.

The C.Scope Cable Avoidance Tool has three familiar detection modes (POWER, RADIO AND GENERATOR) to select from. Each mode provides its own specific advantages. Many operators will be familiar with these operating modes.

The POWER mode is the quickest way to detect most buried electricity cables by detecting the signal created by the electrical current itself.

The RADIO mode detects re-radiated Radio type signals that are often present on metal pipes and cables allowing their position to be determined using just the Cable Avoidance Tool alone.

The GENERATOR mode is used to detect the signal applied to a metal pipe or cable by a C.Scope SGA3 Signal Generator. In addition the Generator mode can be used to detect the signal being transmitted by a C.Scope Sonde for non-metallic pipe tracing.

The DXL3 Cable Avoidance Tool also features the addition of a simple to operate Depth Measurement button on the top of the product (for use in GENERATOR Mode).

When combined with a C.Scope SGA3 Signal Generator and accessories, the Cable Avoidance Tool becomes a versatile, all round pipe and cable locating and tracing package. Robustly made and equipped with LCD meter, detachable loudspeaker and easy-to-operate fingertip controls the C.Scope Cable Avoidance Tool is the ideal Locator for all levels of staff who need to be able to detect buried services quickly and with confidence.

The DXL3 Cable Avoidance Tool does require annual recalibration. Too book yours in please visit our Service page.

The DXL3 Cable Avoidance Tool comes with a three year Warranty (conditions apply).


Power Mode

Radio Mode

Generator Mode:
33kHz frequency detection for locating utilities

Depth Measurement

Liquid Crystal display (LCD)

Real Audio response

Provision for spare battery storage

Retractable loudspeaker

Annual Calibration checks required

Fully weatherproof design to IP65

Three year warranty (conditions apply)


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C.Scope Logo Colour

Product name
DXL3 Cable Avoidance Tool

Part Nos.


On/Off Switch: Spring loaded trigger switch under handle

Function Select Switch (Three position): P – Power Mode; R – Radio Mode; G – Generator Mode

Sensitivity Control

Depth Button: Push button for live display of depth – DXL3 only

Audio Indication
Removable and user replaceable loudspeaker module

Visual Indication
Multi-segment Liquid Crystal Display indicating:

Signal Strength; Mode selected; Battery Condition;

Depth Measurement (in Generator Mode) – DXL3 only

Case moulded from high impact plastic. Designed to withstand 1m (3’3”) drop onto a hard surface

Weight (including batteries)
2.9kg (6 pounds 6 ounces)

720mm x 270mm x 63mm (28.3” x 10.6” x 2.4”)


Locate Accuracy: better than 10% of depth

Depth Accuracy: ±5% @ 1m (3’3”) – DXL3 only

Depth Measurement Range: Line 0.2m to 3m (8” to 10’)

Depth Resolution: Line 0.05m

Depth Measurement Range: Sonde 0.85m to 4.5m (2’9” to 15’) – depending on Sonde type

Depth Resolution: Sonde 0.15m

Battery Type
Internal 8 x ‘AA’ (LR6) cells (either alkaline non-rechargeable or NiMH rechargeable)

Battery Life
40 hours intermittent use at 20ºC (68ºF) using alkaline cells

IP Rating

Download C.Scope CXL3 Cable Locator Brochure
Download C.Scope CXL3 Cable Locator User Manual