Cobra Wheel 4.5mm

Cobra Wheel 4.5mm

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The Dart Systems PipeDart Mini range of Cobra / Duct Rods are available fitted with 4.5mm Diameter Rod. Manufactured by Dart Systems these Cobra Rods are designed to be rugged and long lasting.


A tough compact flexi duct rod system which solves the problems associated with cabling over longer distances.

The PipeDart is a frame mounted cable pulling system manufactured from 4mm Diameter Composite Fibreglass Rod, also known as Cobra Rod or Duct Rod. The Steel Cage can be separated easily from the frame to allow for ease of handling / storage. The construction of this product allows for fast feed out and rewind and solves the problem of cabling over longer distances.


Fast easy Cable Installation

Light weight for easy transportation

Cage easily separates from frame

Ideal for wiring of multi-storey office complexes, shopping malls and industrial sectors.

Fibreglass sheathed with Polypropylene for durability and wear resistance.

Compact 56cm x 41cm x 18cm

Cover multiple bends in conduit

Supplied complete with Guide Tip.


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