Nedo Sirius HV Laser Level

Nedo Sirius HV Laser Level

£579£654 exc. VAT

(Price including VAT: £694.80-£784.80)

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The fully automatic Nedo Sirius HV rotating laser for horizontal and vertical applications for the professional craftsman

Now with the Acceptor2 Digital MM Receiver as standard!

SIRIUS1 HV is the universal horizontal/vertical rotating laser for clever craftsmen. It is ideal for levelling and aligning in interior outfitting and construction.  SIRIUS1 HV combines optimum functionality, a full range of features and an attractive price-performance ratio.

Fully automatic horizontal/vertical laser for interior outfitting and exterior applications
High-power laser diode (laser class 3R) for very good laser beam visibility
Automatic level control stops the laser if it receives a heavy jolt. In this way, height errors are avoided.
Upward and downward plumb beam
Manual setting of slopes in 2 axes
Scanning function and dot mode
Rugged housing protected against low pressure jet water in accordance with IP 65
Rotor protection made of cast aluminium and break-proof glass
High-power NiMH rechargeable batteries for long operation
Remote control for a convenient handling

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