Nedo Sirius HV Green Laser Level

Nedo Sirius HV Green Laser Level

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The Nedo Sirius HV green beam horizontal/vertical rotating laser for optimum visibility in interior finishing.

The green laser beam guarantees optimum visibility, even under unfavourable lighting conditions. It permits working without a laser receiver even in bright daylight, with dark surfaces or over long distances.

Fully automatic horizontal/vertical rotating laser for interior finishing and outdoor missions
Green laser beam with high-power laser diode for optimum visibility, even under unfavourable lighting conditions
Automatic level control stops the laser if it receives a heavy jolt. In this way, height errors are avoided.
Upward and downward plumb beam
Manual setting of slopes in 2 axes
Scanning function and dot mode
Rugged housing protected against low pressure jet water in accordance with IP 65
Rotor protection made of cast aluminium and break-proof glass
High-power NiMH rechargeable batteries for long operation
Remote control for a convenient handling

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