Radiodetection Genny4 Signal Generator

Radiodetection Genny4 Signal Generator

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Radiodetection Genny4 Signal Generator

Radiodetection Genny4’s patented simultaneous dual-frequency signal output facilitates location of small diameter cables such as telecoms and street lighting, including spurs. All C.A.T4 locator models have patented technology to detect both signals simultaneously. The power boost function in Genny4 enables the locate signal to travel further and deeper, and couple onto utilities more easily.

The Genny4 offers, alongside its standard power mode, a Signal Boost feature which increases the output signal by up to 10 times allowing you to locate over extra distance and depth.

Reduce the number of strikes

Small Cable Locate - Dual-frequency locate
Simultaneous dual frequency and simple locating methods assist C.A.T4 and Genny4 users to locate Small Diameter cable such as telecom twisted pairs, CATV feeds, spurs and drop-offs which have historically been hard to find and are a common strike risk

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