Topcon LS-B10 Machine Receiver


Check, check, and double check

Hand and machine receiver in one


Topcon laser receivers are indicate solutions for grade checking and machine control grade applications. They provide cost-effective solutions for grade control on small machines such as backhoes, mini-excavators, skid steer loaders, and other compact equipment.

Machine control and grade checking capability

Coarse to fine grade for machine control

270° detection range

Red and green LED indicators

Fast set-up with magnetic mount


The basic LS-B10 model uses a magnet mount for quick attachment when used on equipment or can be combined with the optional holder for use on a grade rod. The display shows in easy to understand indicators whether on-grade has reached or not.

The advanced model, LS-B10W, uses the built-in wireless connectivity to provide the indicator information to the RD-100W in-cab remote display. This brings grade information direct in front of the operator — where it is needed most.


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Horizontal detecting range: 270°
LED indicators: Red, green and red
Operating time: Up to 100 hours
Dimensions: 115x40x180mm
Weight: 500g
Warranty: 1 year

Download Topcon LS-B Series Machine Receiver Brochure