Topcon LS-B110 Machine Receiver


Built for use.
Designed for productivity.

Automatic machine control receiver


Topcon’s machine laser receivers and remote displays are value-priced grade control solutions for indicate and machine control automatic capability for dozers, scrapers, excavators, backhoes, and drag-boxes.

Rugged, waterproof design

360° detection

Multi-colour LED display

Wireless & CAN compatible

Plumb/Tilt Indication

On-grade matching



With the added slope and plumb indicators, your grading and excavating accuracies are tighter than ever. The LS-B 110 enables you to offset the “on-grade ” position with one touch. It is compatible with Topcon’s family of control boxes for all your earth moving equipment and can be used in “automatic” mode to control the elevation and/or the slope of the cutting edge for improved production.


The LS-B110W is a laser sensor with a RD-100W wireless remote display. It is perfect for larger machines where the mounted sensor can be out of view. The remote display puts the information in the cab and the operator can focus on the grade information and not the sensor itself.


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Detection Angle 360"
Detectk:m Precision Mode 1: ±3mm
Mode 2: ±6mm
Mode 3: ±15 mm
Mode 4: ±30 mm
Operating Time Up lo 1 00 hours
Operating Temp -20"C to 50"C
Dust/Water Rating IP66
Warranty 1 Year

Download Topcon LS-B Series Machine Receiver Brochure